Top 5 Most Downloaded Movies

Statistics are not necessarily that reliable but we think that the following are the most downloaded movies of all time.


Avatar is a movie by James Cameron which won 3 Oscars. It is a story about a paraplegic marine who was dispatched to the moon Pandora on a mission but things do not go as planned. He is being paid to get insider information to help the military mine on the moon buts finds himself falling in love with one of the aliens. He ends up having to fight for the freedom of the moon and the aliens living on it.

The Dark Knight

The film centres around The Joker who is creating problems in Gotham and so it is up to Batman to save the city. Batman has to struggle hard to fight this new enemy and even finds things becoming personal where he has to not only improve his technology but also confront what he believes in to be able to stop him.


The film is centered around the war between the Autobots led by Optimus Prime and the Decepticons led by Megatron. They both want control of a mystical talisman which will give them unlimited power. The Autobots get it and smuggle it to Earth but Megatron finds it but arrives on earth in 1850 and gets paralysed in the cold Arctic Ocean. That is until he is found and lets someone know where the talisman is. That persons grandson then buys a car which turns out to be an autobot in disguise and then other transformers also appear and a battle begins which ends with Megatrons body awakening.


Inception focuses on a thief who steals secrets from the subconscious mind during the dream state of sleep. This has meant that he is wanted by many due to his skills but is also a fugitive. He is offered the chance of one last job which would enable him to get his life back but he has to plant an idea in someone’s head rather than steal one. This leads to an enemy predicting their moves and causing all sorts of problems for them.

The Hangover

This is a comedy based around four men, a groom-to-be, his friends and his wife-to-be’s brother. They go on a 24 hour stag party but wake up the morning after with no recollection of what happened the evening before and each with a terrible hangover. The place is in a complete mess, with things missing and items there which should not have been and the groom-to-be is missing. They then set out on a journey to find out what happened the night before and where Doug is