Top 5 Most Downloaded Games

The figure for the most downloaded games can vary depending on which device you look at and which app store. However, we have put together what we think are the Top five downloaded games.

Angry Birds

Angry birds is a puzzle game which was developed by Rovio Mobile who started the Angry Birds franchise. Initially designed for iOS it now have versions for Android. Windows and Blackberry. The game requires players to use a slingshot to launch birds in the air. They have to aim the birds so that thy destroy the pigs on the game. The levels get harder as the player progresses but the birds get special abilities on some levels which can be helpful to complete the levels.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game. You have to move the candies around to get rows of at least three and they will disappear. Each level has a specific aim in order to get through it and these could be to get a certain score, destroy certain types of candies or to get certain items down to the bottom of the board. The game is made by King and is free to play. It is available to play on Facebook but also has app versions for Android, Windows and iOS. Although the app is free to download it is possible to make in game purchases which can help you to pass the levels but they are not necessary in order to progress.

Temple Run

Temple Run is a game where you guide a character along the walls of a temple. You have to be quick as he is being chased by a bunch of demonised monkeys so you may be caught by them or you could fall off the wall. The game is endless so you will keep playing until the character dies. It is possible to pick up coins during the course of the game which can be used to upgrade power-ups. The game was originally 99 cents to download but was made free at the end of 2011 and then got income from players buying in-game coins that they could use to buy aids for the game. The game is available for Android, Windows and iOS.


Pou is a virtual pet who needs looking after. It is a triangular alien that is brown but can be dressed as well as cleaned, fed, exercises and put to sleep. There are mini games as well where coins can be earned which can be used to buy new outfits as well as decorations. It is even possible to interact with other Pous if you play online. The game was published by Paul Salameh and is available for Blackberry, iOS and Android.

Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go! Was only released in July 2016 but has become extremely popular. It works with the devices GPS system to allow players to hunt for Pokemon characters as they walk around. It was developed by Niantic and is available for iOS and Android devices. It has been controversial with people not being happy that it could potentially cause accidents and being a nuisance in some public places where popular Pokemon are located. However, many people praise the fact that it encourages players to interact with the real world and gets them out of the house.