Make tonight’s episode even more fun with Love Island Bingo!

Make tonight’s episode even more fun with Love Island Bingo!

The best thing about a reality show? Hard to say, even if there’s a script in the control room you never know what’s going to happen.

The stars have to react organically to whatever drama comes their way, so there’s something to be said for watching an organic, non-staged, reaction instead of something a writer knocked out over a lunch-break.

When the group you’re watching are all young people trying to find love, the investment just gets stronger. So, with that in mind, we’ve put together a bingo card that draws inspiration from online bingo games so that you can have a more engaged viewing experience.

The rules are simple: You need to print off the card first because you’re going to have to mark off the boxes as you go in order to see who’s winning. It’s worth printing one off for everyone so you all have your own card.

Then you have to pick a letter! As you can see, they go from A to I with each one corresponding to a line of 4. Take a look at the card, decide which four events you think are most likely to happen in this episode of Love Island, and take the letter that matches.

Once everyone who’s playing has picked a letter, all you have to do is mark the squares off as they happen.

And the first one to get all four of their squares marked off is the winner! There are plenty of ways to win too:

You can win horizontally.


Or diagonally.

Playing bingo with Love Island memes instead of numbers is a sure-fire way to brighten up your evening of binge-watching. So why not print off a few sheets and go wild for tonight’s episode?