Top 5 Most Downloaded Android Apps

Google Play Services

Google Play is an app store and the most common app store for those using Android devices. It has all of the apps available that are compatible with Android phones and therefore is essential for anyone wanting to download apps and is therefore installed on devices when they are bought. It also includes other features such as Google+, Maps, Drive, Cast, Ads, Wallet and many more. This means that you have access to social media, maps, cloud storage, payment service and many more services all within the one services app.


This is the Google email service and it is one of the most popular free email services available. Having the app means that anyone with a Gmail account has access to their email whenever they need it. This is handy if you want to check email when you are out and about as well as if you have no other way of receiving email.

Google Maps

Although part of the Google Play Services package, Google Maps is often downloaded separately by those that do not want al of those items. It is an app which will enable you to find your way around while out and about and can help you know where the location of places it. You can also use street view which will allow you to see exactly what it looks like on a street that you wish to go to so that you get a good idea of what something will look like before you get there. You will also be able to plan a journey in advance.


YouTube is a website that allows you to watch videos. You can publish your own videos or watch videos that other people have put up as well. You can share, rate and comment on videos too. Some large media companies also use it to put up videos.


Facebook is the most popular social media site and you can either use it on your PC or as an app. The app is free to download and allows you to upload photos, videos and post information and links. You can friend other people who use it so that they can see your posts as well. Many people use it to keep friends and family updating with major events in their life such as places they have visited things they have done and things their children have done. It is common to share videos and photos so that others can enjoy them as well.